About Us

The business established In 1947 was dedicated to making Steel containers prepared for storing compressed gas. For its first development in the market, it launched the complete line of Gas Cylinders that is nowadays commercialized with the LPH. The following year it added the CO2 Fire Extinguishers, in all their capacity models, using the Norbco brand, which remained its lidership in the market until nowadays.
In 1980 a new launching is made: the pressurized fire extinguishers made of aluminum, unique in southamerica and outstanding above the others for its lightness, stainless material and friendly presentation.
Two years after that, it takes on board the Matafuegos Drago S.A.'s Fire Extinguisher Division and the total amount of the brands equipment production, therefore becoming a consistent property of the whole company.
In 1987, wheeled extinguishers for powder and water were incorporated to its product list and right after that, the IRAM Certification was obtained for all of its products. The following year it developed a CNG Cylinders Line, which is nowadays sold under the LPH brand and has IRAM and Bureau Veritas Certifications.
Always looking to improve and having become the best opcion for its clients, it incorporated even more products through the years, such as Haloclean Fireworks, Dragomatic Equipments, Acetylene and Seamless steel made Cylinders. Currently it holds the well known reputation of having been the first Fire Extinguisher Company to earn the ISO 9001 certification in the country.
With an update market knoledge, it offers the best products and services of selling trough a corporative command chain having distributers and sellers throughout Argentina, becoming its client's first choice for protection, support and staff training.